Taco Bell Faces Class Action Complaint for Violating Labor Laws

November 10th 2010 by

California employment lawyers, BISNAR | CHASE, are compiling the declarations of more than 18,000 current and former Taco Bell and Yum! Brands employees, that describe various instances of labor law violations committed by the company. Failing to compensate managers and assistant senior managers for overtime, work-related travel expenses, and breaks are among the complaints.

An original complaint was made and brought against the defendants by former Taco Bell shift manager, Sandrika Medlock. Soon after, thousands of people came forward with information revealing that the defendants had allegedly broken a range of California labor laws.

Taco Bell’s violations in question include:

Failure to pay employees overtime compensation when they exceeded the normal work day.

Failure to pay an employee his or her wages in full immediately after the employee was let go, or within 72 hours if the employee left the company voluntarily.

Failure to provide its employees with itemized wage statements that document the exact earnings.

Allegedly requirement of employees to work through meal and rest periods without added compensation.

Failure to compensate workers for their work-related expenses, including travel and dress code requirements like shoes and clothes.

Brian Chase, senior partner at BISNAR | CHASE, explains, “It’s troubling for Taco Bell and its affiliates to think it can violate clear and obvious employment laws without legal ramifications. What’s even more troubling is how pervasive and blatant the company violated even the most fundamental labor statutes, such as failing to compensate employees for lunch breaks and rest periods.”

Taco Bell Violations May be Company-Wide

California’s wage and hour labor codes require employers to reimburse employees for all business-related expenses. The complaints show that Taco Bell employees have requested reimbursement for things such as running errands for the company or parking and mileage costs incurred while at work, but have been denied. After inquiries as to why Taco Bell violated these fundamental state labor laws, it became evident that the Taco Bell employee manual did not even provide any information on how employees could submit requests for reimbursement.

“Due to the lack of reimbursement procedures in its employee manual, we can only presume this was a uniform policy that encompassed all Taco Bell restaurants,” said Chase.

The complaint seeks damages over $5 million for all unpaid wage compensation and attorneys’ fees and court costs. The class action request is pending in the Eastern District Court of California, Fresno Division.

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  1. Chris Sherman says:

    Do you have anything on Florida? My wife just worked 7 hours without getting a break.

  2. a child’s Labour Day: Right Livelihood - - Beginner's Heart says:

    […] who violate Right Livelihood. It’s not that big a deal not to shop at WalMart, or buy from Taco Bell (both of whom violate fair labour practices. And it’s even trendy, these days, to know where […]

  3. Susan Sturgill says:

    My daughter works at Taco Bell in New Mexico and always works 7.5 or more hours a day and is repeatedly denied any breaks during that time. Going that long with out eating is causing her to get sick and have headaches. The Management denies her requests for a break so she can eat something to bring her blood sugar level up. What can she do???

  4. Y.V. says:

    I’m a manager at taco bell and i only get 1 10 min break. Taco Bell does alot of shady thing. Like i worked for 1 hour for free and i’m not getting paid for it.

  5. Katy K says:

    I currently work for taco bell in Wisconsin and I am constantly denied breaks and told that they can force me to stay up to a half hour after my shift was to end and I cant do anything about it. also they made me pay for work clothes (they took it out of my check) and i had to buy shoes on my own from walmart is this class action suit still going on.

  6. Becky Sanders says:

    My daughter has been employed at taco bell in Indiana for four years. She is now an assistant manager. She is pregnant and having lots of problems. She has fmla filled out by her doctor to use day by day as needed. They are now telling hwr that she can be fired for not coming to work. Now telling her she needs a drs. Note from the doctor for each day she misses. She has missed a handful of days in the four years she has been there..they denied her vacation she earned as crew leader becausw she made ass mAnager. Said she would have to be ass managwr for a year before she can have vacation….how can they do this???

  7. evelyn says:

    I am a current employee and worked as an assistant mgr in the past. I am disgusted with getting cut early and being called off when others come in and leave before I do.. I was told that if I wanted a break I would have to ask for it. They are constantly blowing labor all day and we on nights have to cut people and or work short. the things I hear make me sick..

  8. felicia says:

    I just quit because for the third time I have worked more then 40 hours and have not been paid my overtime. My only proof are the cameras but the GM has no time to review those. So IM left without being payed for my work and now jobless.

  9. Eliza says:

    I currently work for Taco Bell and every day I feel the effects of some of these violations. My RGM abuses her position in the store and she abuses her workers as well. None of us get breaks even though we work so hard to keep our customers happy. Its sometimes hard to give your customers a good experience when you yourself are suffering. Not only does she give herself long breaks in the office but almost monthly she takes a “vacation”. She doesn’t pay her employees for overtime and she expects us to do everything correctly and in a timely manner no matter the consequences on our part. She doesn’t know how to schedule us properly and she is always making us stay past our shift. Not only does she make me work drive through by myself even during peak hours (and this is not only me, but just during my shift), but she also makes line workers make all the food by themselves sometimes. (The people that make all the food) And just watching them stress out when 5 or 6 big orders come on the screen is really frustrating because you both need help. And you care about your crew member. I am currently sick with a fever and a bad cold from doing the dishes under the airconditioner at Taco Bell. The work conditions are terrible and its really frustrating, especially when you don’t have alot of job options.

  10. Kim says:

    I work at a tacobell where they play,favortism with the night people like the shift manager will let everyone but me get free food and then they will shut the door an talk about me. The shift manager won’t tell me to to he will send other people to tell me what to do. I have bad knees an need a break every few hours they day shift manager will let me.

  11. April says:

    I am currently working for taco bell and I put in anywhere from 8-10-1200 hours a pay period and have yet to see any overtime. There are crew members who make 2-3 dollars an hour more than me and they have never had jobs before. I am a morning manager and an opener. From what I understand border foods just bought our store this last spring but it doesn’t seem to have made any changes on how we are treated. Going without breaks and staying after our shifts end is a normal thing for most of us. To make matters worse our G.M. is seeing a girl who was a crew member till they got back together, she is now asst.G.M. I am currently home sick. Our store has a high turn over in staff because of these issues. When I asked about overtime pay I was told to just deal with it. South Dakota is a right to work state so if I push things any harder I will be fired and in this area jobs are not very plentiful. Is there anything I can do about this situation?

    • April says:

      Sorry eighty to a hundred and twenty hours a pay period. My phone seems to want to auto correct everything tonight.

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