Living in Same House During a Virginia Separation

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If you are a woman who is facing a situation where you will be separating from your husband but living in the same house, you may be wondering how that will work. Marital problems don’t always immediately lead to divorce. Often a period of separation is the first step.

Even during your separation, it is important that you protect yourself, in addition to any children or shared assets you may have. If you are seeking a legal separation in Virginia, you can no longer live together as a married couple. It is important that you speak with an experienced Virginia divorce attorney who can guide you through the process of a legal separation and what is required.

Although for most couples a separation will mean one of the spouse’s moves out, it is possible to remain in the same house and still be separated. Because of the current economy, being separated but living in the same house is becoming more common because of the lack of financial resources to pay for multiple households.

If you choose to remain under the same roof as your husband during your separation, this is known as “in-home separation” and is allowed in Virginia divorce laws, however; there are risks to consider in this type of arrangement. Separated living in the same house is best done with the help of a Virginia divorce attorney.

Here are some tips to help ensure your in-home separation does not adversely affect your Virginia divorce:

• No sexual/romantic contact
• Separate bedrooms and beds
• Treat the situation like you are roommates
• Purchase separate food and phones
• Both you and your spouse need to perform chores and household tasks
• Refrain from socializing together

While separated living in the same house is possible, it can be complicated, so be sure to speak with a Virginia divorce attorney who can offer advice during this time.

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  1. Aereal says:

    I am looking at Legally Separating from my Husband. We have been married for @4 months however we have 2 children together from before we were married. I support the household 100% and he pays for his car and child support from another marriage. I would like to Legally Separate but live in the same house until he is on his feet and moves out. I have a 4 bdrm house my own room and bed and there is no other “couple” aspects of life except for a piece of paper and we together take the children to the park etc. If this is posssible in the state of Virginia please let me know. Thank you very much!! Aereal M.

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