Iowa teen car accident lawyer on teen driving statistics

November 25th 2009 by

Our Iowa car accident lawyers see car accidents involving teens on a regular basis. In addition to all the adult drivers on the road each day, there are many inexperienced teenage drivers out on the roads. Parents should play a role in their teens driving to ensure that they understand all the traffic laws and are being safe while going from here to there. Teenagers are not always the most responsible age group. Therefore, they need to be taught good driving skills and behavior from the start.

Unfortunately, teen car accident injuries are increasing throughout the United States. Did you know that about 6,000 teens are killed each year in car accidents in the United States? Did you know that car accidents are the most common cause of death and injury among teens 16-19? Many things such as unsupervised driving, speeding, and having other teen passengers in the car can contribute to a car crash. Parents should play a role in their teens driving and driving behavior. If parents don’t limit their teens driving then they may be out at all hours of the night. Also, the number of accidents or tickets a teen gets are likely to increase when a parent doesn’t play a role in their teen’s driving. Parents can influence their child’s driving and should be a part of the learning process.

Another major distraction that not only affects teens is cell phone use. Younger adults and teens are more likely to text while drive than older drivers. It is a quick way of communication, but not something that should be done on the road. Teens need to be educated of the dangers that go along with texting while driving. It wouldn’t hurt to send your teen to a safety driving course from time to time, even after they have completed drivers ed. This will ensure that they understand the law and practice safe driving habits.

Another way to keep your teen safe is the type of car your teen drives. This can also affect their risk of being in an accident. If your teen is driving a sports car or a junker they may be at a higher risk than most for an accident. Driving a car that is not taken care of mechanically or that is old can lead to it breaking down in the most inconvenient places, including a busy highway. Also, letting your teen drive a sports car may cause him or her to drive more carelessly, because they want to drive fast or race other cars, this is actually an increased problem in some areas. Teens should be informed that they not only need to respect the rules of the road and other drivers, but their car as well.

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