FDA Finds Gastrointestinal Disease Therapy Drug Reglan Causes Neurological Disorder

September 21st 2010 by

The pharmaceutical drug Reglan has recently been exposed as causing a neurological disease called tardive dyskinesia. Patients who use the drug for an extended period of time are at risk for developing the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia: repetitive, involuntary movements of limbs, eyes, and lips.

Makers of gastrointestinal disease therapy drug Reglan have promoted use of the drug as a long-term therapy for gastrointestinal complaints despite the fact that it had not been approved for use beyond 12 weeks. Nearly half of patients using Reglan are prescribed to use it longer than 12 weeks, increasing risks unknown to Reglan users.

The FDA now requires warnings to be placed on the Reglan product, advising patients to not continue use of the drug after 12 weeks unless the benefit of using the drug outweighs the risk of developing tardive dyskinesia.

Many have already been harmed by this defective product and should consider seeking legal advice.

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